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Transitional arrangements and sustainability - feedback response

Whilst greener homes are more often wanted and demanded by planning authorities, a recent Savills study finds that the market hasn't yet caught up. Apparently potential purchasers rate green credentials at about a 10 on a list of priorities when considering purchasing property - the most important still being 1.location, 2.schools/facilities, 3.layout/accommodation, 4.Kitchen/Bathrooms.

One might query, after the big four priorities have been satisfied, whether purchasers would select an 'ordinary' home or a 'greener' home, aka which would have the edge in a difficult selling market? It is not an exact science. The Energy Saving Trust is just one organisation suggesting the bias towards greener homes. Personally, I would prefer to not needlessly be giving money away to energy companies. However perhaps the easiest aspect to quantify would be the greater likelihood of a positive local authority response on marginal sites where a wider benefit is perceived and to tip the balance in favour of development.

On the matter of what may be construed by developers as onerous demands from planning authorities, part of the responsibility must lie with the industry at national and local levels to promote schemes that are workable/ profitable for them. Another part of the equation is in making the case to a local authority in as clear and transparent a way as possible. This is not just for the benefit of busy planning staff but also for councillors and the general public who are becoming ever more involved. Such clarity is important than ever when a refusal can lead to substantial delay.






































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