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Loft Conversions - how much do they cost

The cost of loft conversions can vary dependant upon the complexity of the design solution and standard of fit out or specification. The size or floor area of the loft conversion will also have a bearing on how much it will cost. Many simple basic loft conversions for one room, new stair set and using roof lights rather than dormer windows would be in the regain of £25,000.00 plus VAT (2011).

How much a loft conversion finally costs will also be influenced by dormer windows being number, location and size. Dormer windows can add significantly to how much it all costs as these are very expensive structures to form compared to the use of roof lights from say Velux or Fakro for example. A dormer window can be range from £3,000.00 to over £15,000.00 for a large one.

The new stairs for the loft conversion will be another contributing factor in determining how much a loft conversion will finally cost. A simple set of softwood stairs could be around £1,200.00 plus fitting but a more complicated higher spec. set of new stairs could be up to £8,000.00 for a designer set of stairs.

Most homeowners usually want ‘best value’ for their loft conversions so they do their best to keep down the cost but this should not be to the detriment of a properly finished, well designed loft conversion that ends up being unworkable as a habitable room. Best value does not necessarily mean cheap. It is all about money well spent and having added value.






























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