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Loft Conversion to Bedroom use - is this the best option?

Most loft conversions are used for creating additional bedrooms simply due to the location above the existing bedrooms and that is usually the number requirement of the homeowner. Additional bedroom space does add value to a property so it is often money well spent.

However, some homeowners have alternative uses for the loft conversion other than for added bedroom space and typical alternative uses are as a study room or child’s play room for example. These rooms are predominantly smaller loft conversion spaces but if possible, provided the current use can become a bedroom in the future or for the needs of the next owners then having an alternative use for a loft conversion other than for a bedroom is very acceptable.

Dedicated bedrooms within the loft conversion need to pay particular attention to head heights an to where the bed will be located. This is due to accessing the bed itself without having to bend 90 degrees or crashing ones head on the sloping ceiling. Sometimes there is no choice on this option and it can be difficult getting in and out of the actual bed but, if it is possible to get good full head height access around the final bed location then this should be achieved.

Another useful and important consideration for a bedroom loft conversion is to the storage of clothes. Having a defined space for a stand alone wardrobe would be useful but this is often a luxury so built in wardrobes have to considered in odd locations where there is any place available for that extra bit of storage.

Some loft conversion bedrooms are greatly improved by having a Juliet balcony door set built within the dormer window itself. This is not always possible but if it can be achieved than having it in as a design feature is very pleasing and is normally still permitted under permitted development as it has no external platform.

Adding in an en-suite with even a walk in in dressing area is another very useful feature for the bedroom loft conversion but due to space limitations this is not always possible. Where it can be achieved it should be considered as part of the design right from the start. If the scheme becomes cramped a7 the resulting bedroom space starts to became awkward to use or too compromised then do not consider these extra amenities for the bedroom loft conversion. A fully functional bedroom is more important.






























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