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Loft Conversion Wardrobes - stand alone or built in?

Most loft conversions do not have the available space or head heights for separate stand alone wardrobes. Most would also be difficult to get into the loft conversion due to the tights stairs and fire doors for the fire compartmentation requirements. Therefore, most loft conversions do end up having built in wardrobes simply to infill and make use of the wasted space under the scaling ceilings or sloping soffits.

They are also very often spread around the loft conversion room rather than in one long block. They can be made by the main contractors joiner as part of his loft conversion package price or they can be a separate nominated sub-contractor or supplier depending upon how your loft conversion designer or architect has worded the specifically manual.

Most builder wardrobes are pretty basic made from MDF or melamine conti-board for example. The more specific you can be with regard to your visualisations and expectations the more appropriate the loft conversion wardrobes will be.

Specialist built in furniture manufacturers and suppliers do lovely looking wardrobes for loft conversions in a variety of materials and styles but they will probably be more expensive than you builders joiner so do give it some thought preferably before engaging the loft conversion builder.






























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