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Loft Conversion Types

The types of loft conversions can be many and varied. Here are a few descriptions of the various types:-

1 - Bungalow loft conversion (single storey to two storey) with or without dormer windows.

2 - A standard tow storey loft conversion (new loft conversion forms the new second floor or is also commonly called three storey) with our without dormer windows.

3 - A roof extension normally a hip to gable end conversion to create more internal floor space either in single to two storey applications and with or without dormer windows.

4 - Other?

5 - Traditionally carcassed roof structures where the roof has been made on site using standard joinery timbers. These roofs are the normal ones good for a loft conversion.

6 - A pre-formed trussed rafter roof where the trusses are made in a factory (rafters, ceiling joists and internal struts and ties) and brought onto site on a lorry. These roof structures do not make for easy conversion and will double the cost of a loft conversion for major structural and practical problems that need to be accommodated within any loft conversion design.






























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