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Loft Conversion Tips

The best tip any homeowner could have when considering a loft conversion would be to employ their own experienced house extension designer or architect right from the start. Any thinking of a DIY project or how to cut costs and corners will lead to a very disappointing finish that could even be illegal.

Here are our top 6 tips for the house owner considering a loft conversion:-

Loft conversion tip No. 1:- Decide want you are trying to obtain from a loft conversion and what its use will be. Do not simply convert the loft space simply because it is there and you need another building project.

Loft conversion tip No. 2:- Interview a few house extension specialists and employ the one that appears most pro-active and enthusiastic for your scheme. Do your due diligence tests before formal engagement.

Loft conversion tip No. 3:- If you want a more simplistic approach and simply want to deal with one contractor or loft conversion specialists from design to build on site then again interview at least 3 companies (local if you can) and obtain their design brief and what they can do for the money estimated. Do your due diligence tests before formal engagement.

Loft conversion tip No. 4:- Make sure you fully understand the design and all its implications and compromises including the internal remodelling. Ask for clarification on where the actual full head height walking zones are within the loft conversion.

Loft conversion tip No. 5:- If you are going down the permitted development route rather than a formal planning application, make sure your design agent or architect submits and obtains a certificate of Lawful development from the Council to legally confirm its PD status with the council. If you do not do this you run the risk of an illegal structure through technicalities.

Loft conversion tip No. 6:- Make sure your design agent is preparing a full detailed design complete with specification manual to submit to the Building inspector as a full plans application and NOT a building notice application. If you do not ensure this you are probably receiving g a deficient design and exposing yourself to lots of extra costs from the final loft conversion builder.






























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