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Loft Conversion Storage - the potential missing factor

Most loft conversions will automatically remove the homeowners useful storage facility and often this can be a useful time to start that de-cluttering process we are all told to do from time to time by the so called lifestyle gurus out their in the world of house improvement.

Therefore, should your new loft conversion be considering building in storage cupboards where it is possible to do so even at extra cost? - Yes is the answer. Many homeowners have found that their actual real and useful storage areas are actually increased after the loft conversion simply due to the ease of access to the perimeter eaves voids that most loft conversions will create.

Some homeowners simply place stored items around the reachable arm area of the existing loft hatch for fear of treading inside the loft itself. The loft conversion transforms this storage space into very accessible areas within the loft conversion room or rooms.

This is perhaps why many loft conversion designers or architects are now fully insulating the roof slopes right down to the top of the external walls rather than insulation the inset perimeter dwarfs stud partitions. This also avoids the need to place insulation within the floor that is often thicker than the floor joists making the storage area even less within the perimeter triangular shaped voids.

Therefore, as part of the homeowners check list they should be ensuring that within all of the rooms of the loft conversion there is an access door within the perimeter dwarf walls to each and every storage void. Maintaining good storage facilities within the loft conversion will be a very useful amenity for the homeowner and will perhaps avoid the use of further garden sheds or preventing the garage space from housing a car.






























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