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Loft Conversion Prices - the best way to obtain quotation

For the house owner who has employed their own loft conversion designer or architect, they will be in possession of their own design plans and specifications that can then be put out to competitive tender to local builders or loft conversion specialists who will each supply the clients with their own price for the loft conversion.

This is what is known as a tender price. This should be a fixed price quotation rather than an estimate. The quotation will be based upon the information shown within the detailed loft conversion plans and specifications made by your loft conversion designer or architect. Any unknown works or materials yet to be selected by the homeowner (bathroom suite for example) should be included as prime cost sum (PS sum) as allowed for within the specifications. The final cost of these PC sums are then adjusted to the actual invoice costs.

The homeowner can then compare the prices received and decide who they engage as their loft conversion builder. The cheapest price is usually selected provided the homeowner has also completed their due diligence tests by looking at previous jobs of the builder and seeking references. Sometimes the cheapest price for the loft conversion is not selected for fear of miscalculation from the builder.

Those homeowners who have approach a loft conversion specialists as a design an build project for their scheme would have already accepted the loft conversion price right from the start which can relieve the homeowner from obtaining a pre-approved design first and then obtaining separate tender prices. However, the client never really knows whether or not they are obtaining a competitive price but if this is not important to them then going down this route can save the homeowner a lot of pre-build stress.






























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