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Loft Conversion Materials - what are the basics.

Most loft conversions will use a variety of materials. Some will be very obvious such as new timber joists and rafters, while others may be strange such as Idenden tape (for sealing insulation board gaps and joints when using Celotex insulation boards).

Provided the homeowner has employed the services of an experienced house extension designer or architect then they will be detailing and specifying all the loft conversion materials required. They will also be detailing the thickness and methods of installation so that your loft conversion builder can install them in accordance with the approved scheme through Building regulations.

Most loft conversion materials are readily available from most true builders merchants or if not they will be ordered in within a few days direct to site. The homeowner is not really advised to attempt to order and control their own materials for a loft conversion as it is very easy to miscalculate the amount of materials required and if you get it wrong there is very often a hefty re-stocking charge for the builders merchant to take it back.

Let your loft conversion contractor or builder order and supply the loft conversion materials as they will also benefit from any trade discounts and many competitive builders will pass these cost savings on to the client or homeowner. The loft conversion builder is also then in control of all aspects of the build as they are responsible for project managing the job including the timely supply of labour, materials and maintaining quality control for the loft conversion.

A clients intervention in trying to supply the materials for a loft conversion for whatever reasons can lead to a break down or confusion over contractual responsibilities that should be avoided. An example could be that the client supplies and purchases the Velux roof lights direct from a cheaper location or source but then forgets to order the separate and required flashing kits.

The roofer is now on site about to install the roof lights but unable to finish off as the flashing kits are not on site. He then has to go off or get them or to be ordered for a few days later. This was a client induced delay that created abortive costs for the loft conversion builder who will want to recover this costs from the house owner.






























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