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Loft Conversion Manual

Some house extension designers, architects or specialist companies have made their own ‘loft conversion manual’ as a sort of sales aid for their possible future clients or customers. Even some house improvement magazines have attempted to prepare a loft conversion manual but these are often very generic and are simply useful as a basic check list for the homeowner rather than the experienced designer or architect. None of them are really a technical guide that the house owner can use as a DIY approach to a loft conversion (thank goodness).

The homeowner will probably find more usual content and detail on this web site than some generic pdf or glossy. However, that said I would not dissuade any homeowner from grabbing whatever information they can on the subject of loft conversions and a Loft conversion manual from say a roof light manufacturer is a very good start. Having well educated and informed clients appreciative of the many design issues are always a pleasure to work for.






























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