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Loft Conversion Lighting

There are no real strict regulations or requirements regarding new lighting for a loft conversion so most homeowners can choose what they want. Most homeowners seem to like the recessed down lighters although these may now have to be low energy types as the Building Regulations requires 1 in 4 light fittings to be of the energy efficient sort.

There can also be practical problems for loft conversions who’s ceiling head heights are quite shallow and wall lighting can be a good alterative option to avoid a persons head hitting a lamp fitting or being scalded by the heat of the lamp unit itself.

I tend to avoid LED lighting for loft conversion schemes as they may appear bright but the actual light they give off is not that bright and the frequency of light with that ultra bright white effect is not that pleasing.

Mood lighting for a loft conversion is a great way to make it appear warm and homely and this can be achieved by strategically locating free standing lamps that form a wall glow for example to obtain reflected light rather than looking at the bright lamp unit itself.

Two or three way switching is important for the stairwell lighting of a loft conversion as it is important to light the top landing from the base of the new stairs before ascending and visa-versa.

Having lots of natural light for a loft conversion including the access stair route is another important factor of loft conversion lighting and this is covered elsewhere within these loft conversion articles.






























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