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Loft Conversion Images and Pictures

Loft conversion images or pictures can be found in a variety of locations and sources. The web or internet is a great source of finding great examples of loft conversions. Most images and pictures of loft conversions are presented by house extension designers or architects as part of their portfolio of previously completed designs.

Loft conversion specialist companies also produce good images of their past loft conversion projects. Many seem to focus on the internal images and pictures of a loft conversion rather than its external appearance and sometimes you can see why. What makes for a very luxurious and spacious internal environment of a loft conversion within a glossy image can also appear hideous and neighbourly externally especially those big box dormer windows of very little architectural merit.

Only the smaller dormer windows appear well designed especially those set further back into the roof slope and having pitched roofs. They may not add that much space but they are usually the best solution for a well designed loft conversion provided you are prepared to sacrifice a little floor space.

You can use these pictures and images of loft conversions that you have located as part of a ‘sample board’ in order to discuss the designs and options available to your own property with your house extension designer or architect. Everything should be considered from the type of external windows to the location of the new stair set.






























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