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Loft Conversion Furniture - what should you be considering

It is a fact that most loft conversions end up being a little tight for space, head height and access. This means that most furniture to be placed within the finished loft conversion normally needs to be flat packed or at least broken down. Trying to get a full size bed into a loft conversion will be impossible unless it can be dismantled.

Another aspect of loft conversion furniture is how to achieve a good level of storage. Bearing in mind that most peoples lofts are already a massive repository or household storage, converting the space into a habitable room removes this very useful function.

Most loft conversions will have an amount of below walking height sloping or scaling ceilings and it is these area that can make great locations for having built in custom made storage cupboards. It would be very are for a shop purchased piece of furniture to fit and be functional within these sloping ceiling areas.

Therefore it pays to have your loft conversion builder to build in some custom made storage cupboards for this purpose. If you require a higher level of specification and finish for the loft conversion furniture fit out then there are specialist joinery companies that can do this after the builder has finished.






























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