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Loft Conversion Floor Plans - where can I see some examples?

Most loft conversion designers or architects will be able to provide you with sample floor plans of previous loft conversions for you to assess the quality of their work. This is one way of getting to see loft conversion floor plans. Another way is to look online at any Councils Public Access systems where you can view previous planning applications - many of which will be for a loft conversion that will include floor plans.

However, it is unlikely that you will ever find an identical loft conversion floor plan of a previous scheme that would fit in for your own property and ideas. Sometimes estate type houses can have a very workable solution for one site that can be transferred for the same type of house design.

It is usually the location for the new set of stairs that will determine the best layout for any loft conversion floor plan. The location of the new stairs up to the converted loft can normally be achieved from more than one location depending upon the number of rooms required and what compromises the homeowner is willing to make for any loss of space due to the new stairs.

Some of the best loft extension floor plans are when the new stair set can be located over the existing stair well (which is usually wasted space) rather than taking valuable space from an existing bedroom for example. However, the top landing of the new stair set may not be the ideal position for maximising the best layout of the loft conversion floor plan.






































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