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Loft Conversion Drawings and plans - are they a requirement and who do you use.

Yes. Any building project requires drawings or plans simply for ensuring that you get the design right on paper before its installed on site. Having a ‘make it up as you go’ approach will lead to tears and a poor quality loft conversion that is probably also illegal.

Most homeowners will engage their own experienced house extension designer or architect to prepare the loft conversion drawings, plans and specifications. Most designers will also act as your Design or Planning Agent through the council applications. Be wary of anyone who simply provides you with the loft conversion drawings or plans and walks away expecting the homeowner to take the scheme through the various council approvals.

Having a good set of loft conversion drawings and plans (usually at a scale of 1:50) also allow the homeowner to plan out the various aspects of the loft conversion with regard to determining the full head height walking areas, the location of the bed, wardrobes and other storage, the size and aspect of any dormer windows or roof lights, the location and practicality of the new stair set etc.

The loft conversion plans and drawings used for the Building Regulations will also normally include a specification manual and other sections through the building with large scale details of all the relevant elements of construction. These loft conversion drawings will then be used by the tendering loft conversion builders to provide the house owner with their best price for completing the works.

The building contract for engaging your final selected builder will also refer to the loft conversion plans and drawings as these will be the basis of ensuring that your builder installs the works in accordance with the approved and agreed plans. Should any Design Agent suggest simply preparing enough basic details for the submission of a Building Notice to the Building Control Dept. then you are to avoid this person or company.

These types of low grade loft conversion plans or drawings will not be good enough for allowing your builder to provide you with a fixed price quote simply because the plans, drawings or specifications will not be concise enough to allow the loft conversion builder to price the works and you will be exposed to excessive claims of extra costs and you will not have the required level of control over the builder.






































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