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Loft Conversion Design Ideas - where and how to get them.

Having some design ideas before engaging your house extension designer or architect can be a good tactic if only to have a good two way discussion of the options and design features one could include for a loft conversion. Sourcing the design ideas for a loft conversion can take some time though as there may be some digging and reading to do.

Researching on the internet is a very good option for sourcing loft conversion design ideas and looking at images or photographs are a great way of extracting ideas. Most of the images will be from house extension designers or architects showing off their previous loft conversion schemes. Others will be from loft conversion specialist companies.

house improvement literature in the form of magazines from the local news agents is another great source for loft conversion design ideas but be wary of some of the presentations as some are ‘staged sets’ designed to look good rather than practical.

Manufacturers selling roof lights for loft conversions is another great inspiration for design ideas and they do go to some lengths to show you what is possible from the tightest of loft spaces to the cavernous enclaves of a period house loft. Manufacturers such as velux or Fakro are perhaps the market leaders and they do gave their own design guides for loft conversions.






































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