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Loft Conversion DIY Kit - is there such a thing?

Anyone reading this article must be considering a DIY loft conversion and is seeking to purchase or obtain a loft conversion kit from somewhere. Well first off, I do not know of anyone putting together a loft conversion DIY kit to sell to the general public as ‘one size fits all’ approach to building design - so, in short there is no such thing.

However, If the homeowner has a concise set of design plans and specifications for their loft conversions they could quite simply order a ‘loft conversion kit’ from any local builders merchants by simply giving them the approved design plans and specifications. However, as within other loft conversion articles, a DIY approach for a loft conversion is not recommended.

So, if you are seeking a loft conversion kit and you have not yet engaged an experienced house extension designer or architect then stop searching and go get some proper design advise. Do not scrimp or shortcut this vital part of the loft conversion work.

If after researching the homeowner is still determined to complete their own DIY loft conversion by trying to purchase a loft conversion kit, then make sure you inform your house and buildings insurance company first due to the extra risks and you may have to pay an extra premium to maintain cover.






























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