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Loft Conversion Cost Calculator

Everyone seems to be looking for cost calculators these days and loft conversions are no exception. Costing a lost conversion without the aid of a pre-prepared and approved set of design drawings and specifications can be very hard for anyone to provide a firm price cost for the loft conversion simply due to not knowing what level of works are required.

Some loft conversion designers or architects including some builders can provide an estimated cost of the loft conversion works simply by looking at the existing property and assessing what level of works will be required. They will also need to assess the homeowners wish list for what level of fit out they require for the loft conversion and whether or not dormer windows will be required in preference to the cheaper cost roof lights from Velux or Fakro for example.

Other factors that will affect a loft conversion cost will be the number of loft rooms required and whether any of the new bedrooms will include for a new bathroom, shower room or dressing areas. Other ‘knock on works’ could include structural upgrading and internal remodelling.

Here is a typical estimated cost calculator for materials and labour based upon 2011 prices for the South East:-

  • New floor are created = £2,000.00 per square metre.
  • New stair case I formation of stair well = £3,000.00
  • Standard Velux roof lights = £500.00 each
  • New small flat roofed Dormer window = £3,000.00
  • New big box dormer winds = £5,000.00
  • New bathroom or en-suite = £5,000.00
  • Internal remodelling = £3,000.00
  • Making good = £3,000.00
  • Professional fees and Council applications = £3,000.00






































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