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Loft Conversion Company - are they the ideal ‘all in one’ solution?

Lost conversion companies can offer an ideal solution to the homeowner who simply want to communicate and have one company involved from design to completion. However, often all is not what it seems with some loft conversion companies especially some of the national ional operators.

As with most elements of the building trade its all about having access to reliable and cost effective sub-contacted labour for most loft conversion companies. Some firms do have in house staff for design, costing, customer relations, site agent and all trades but these are few and far between.

Therefore, for the homeowner seeking the simplicity of approach and a consistent regular point of contact throughout the works for their loft conversion, this may not be the case or the experience during the process. This is because many national loft conversion companies will sub-divide each operation into various departments that will usually involve a separate location and various persons in charge - not quite the quaint family business approach most householders envisage.

Therefore, it is my opinion that any homeowner seeking a design and build contract from a specialist loft conversion company should try to net a few local companies for tender prices in preference to the national operators.






































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