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Loft Conversion Before and After images or photos.

The internet and house improvement publications alike are awash with design ideas for loft conversions and some even show ‘before’ as well as ‘after’ photos or images of house extension scheme. Simply searching on google images will reveal a variety of loft conversion photos and images.

Most of these are from house extension designers and architects showing off their previous designs of loft conversions. Some even show the complete structural progress of the works from start to finish which can be interesting for the homeowner considering a loft conversion.

However, most loft conversions are actually engineered to what the site constraints are especially if formal planning approval is required for the dormer window or roof extension for example. In these instances most Planning Authorities will resist big box dormer windows unless they form part of the local character already.

Loft conversions that can have dormer windows or roof extensions that fall under permitted development rights have far more flexibility of design for the client as the Planners will not be trying to assess the scheme with regard to any planning policy documents which normally try to restrict dormers to very small windows.

Therefore, when you do find some ‘before and after’ images or photos of loft conversions, please bear in mind that not all dormer designs or roof extension options may be applicable for your scheme or design of loft or orientation of property for example.

By consulting with an experienced house extension designer or architect right at the start, they will be available to advise you of your options regarding design and planning issues. Not all design solutions will fall under PD nor will all dormer designs or roof extension for the loft conversion meet formal planning approval requirements.






































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