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Loft Conversion Average Cost or Price

The average cost of a loft conversion will vary from location to location combined with the size and complexity of the conversion itself. The loft conversion average price or cost is also affected by the type of natural lighting to be installed. Using roof lights such as Velux windows will be cheaper than installing a new external dormer window.

However, the dormer window solution will provide slightly more usable head height walking area within the room but could be in a location that requires formal Planning Permission.

Simply going on floor areas as a way to estimate the average cost of a loft conversion a cost of £1,500.00 per square metre (2011) would perhaps be an average guide price for homeowners wanting to extend into the loft with a loft conversion. This would be based upon the final habitable room area created and not the footprint area of the roof void.

The extent and level o fit out specification will also affect the loft conversions average cost price. An en-suite for example could add another £5,000.00 onto the cost of a loft conversion. Perhaps very few partitions on the first floor are load bearing and the design solution requires the installation of extensive structural steelwork and making good. This again will ad significantly to the loft conversion average cost.

The average cost price of a loft conversion can be brought down if it is kept simple and the existing structure of the house and roof elements make for easy conversion without too much additional upgrade works to maintain structural stability. Therefore using roof lights rather than dormer windows and reducing the amount of internal remodelling will keep down the average cost of the loft conversion.






































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