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Loft Conversion Advice - where and how to get it.

Loft conversions cover many aspects of design and compliance under Building Regulations so getting upfront and accurate advice on loft conversions right from the start is vital. Most house owners will approach a house extension designer or architect for such advice with varying degrees of success.

Some homeowners will approach a builder for initial loft conversion advise but man builders are not fully up to date on the legislation so perhaps can only offer generic basic practical advise and some idea of pricing estimates.

An alternative approach for obtaining loft conversion advice would be to approach a specialist loft conversion company who offer the complete package as a design and build service. These companies also vary in quality. Some offer a national coverage of service whilst other are more locally based. My own preference would be for a local loft conversion company for maintaining contact and quality control through a single point of reference.

If the homeowner wants to have a greater control and influence over the design and on the final builder later on site, then employing your own experienced house extension designer or architect is usually the way to go.

Using the internet is another great source for obtaining loft conversion advice but perhaps only in generic terms as each properties loft combined with the clients requirements will be unique and a specific design solution needs to be achieved.







































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