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Kitchen Extension Quotes - where and how to obtain them

Quotes for kitchen extensions can usually only be obtained from builders once the proper construction design drawings and specifications have been prepared by your house extension designer. Approaching builders for kitchen extension quotes using sketches or schematic planning drawings are no good. Builders can only provide estimated costs based on these type of drawings.

A qualified and experienced house extension designer or architect will usually be the person responsible for preparing such construction drawings and specifications of the works required. This part of the design process is usually after receiving formal planning permission for your kitchen extension.

As a rule, the more detailed and precise the drawings and specifications are, the more accurate will be the kitchen extension quotes from your builders. Treat the professional documents as a sort of shopping list of materials and labour required for your kitchen extension. Many plan drawers offering a ‘bare bones’ design service with just enough detail to obtain planning permission and building regulations consents will not provide you with suitable documents for obtaining fixed price kitchen extension quotes from builders.

Sometimes homeowners think that as they have yet to select the final kitchen furniture it is not possible to obtain a kitchen extension quote. This is incorrect as your house extension designer is able to install a ‘prime cost‘ sum (PC sum) within the specification manual. This PC sum is an estimated amount of money that the tendering builders will allow within their kitchen extension quotation just for the kitchen that may or may not include installation and fitting.

The same can apply to floor and wall finishes. These are unlikely to have been selected during he design and council application process so by allowing a PC sum for these works and materials is a great way for allow the scheme to move forward and obtaining fixed price kitchen extension quotes. Obviously all PC sums will be adjusted with the contract to the actual invoice figures plus a small margin for the builder or main contractors profit.






























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