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Kitchen Extension Prices - How much will it cost.

What are the key elements that affects price? Kitchen extension prices are affected by many things. The two main elements that will affect the price of a kitchen extension will be the complexity of the built form of the extension and the other associated internal alterations. The other is the actual cost of the kitchen furniture and appliances. It is not unusual for the cost of the kitchen furniture to be as much or even more than the cost of the extension.

Provided your house extension designer or architect knows of your available budget or price for these two elements of your kitchen extension then they can prepare a design that should be near the final tender prices. If your budget is fairly tight for the amount of floor area you require then it is vital that the actual kitchen extension design is kept simple with minimal internal alterations.

If your budget or price for the kitchen extension is fairly generous for the floor are required and are not that bothered how much the kitchen extension will cost, then you can be more liberal with the design features of the extension and incur for a lot of internal remodelling of the ground floor for example.

Many homeowners have a huge budget available for the actual kitchen furniture of anything between £20k and £50k but this does need to be tempered upon the type and location of the house having the kitchen extension. It would be unwise in most instances to spend £50k on a kitchen for a mid terrace ex-council house but could be very appropriate for a £800k 4 bed roomed detached property in a leafy desirable suburb.

So, do make sure that you have realistic and appropriate budgets or prices for your kitchen extension before engaging your house extension designer or architect. Make sure that your ‘wish list’ of added extras does not push the final kitchen extension price over the available budget which can be a common trap for many homeowners.






























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