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Kitchen Extension Plans - who should you be employing to get them

Nearly every kitchen extension scheme will require drawings or plans and specifications which are usually prepared by an experienced house extension designer or architect. Some people opt for the cheaper option of a ‘plan drawer’ who are often people having rudimentary drafting skills either on CAD or via tracing paper and board who have applied themselves to the home extension market.

You can make up your own mind as to which group will provide the best services and designs for your kitchen extension but suffice to say I would not be going to an estate agent seeking specific legal advise or would I be approaching an acupuncturist to have some teeth extracted.

It is horses for courses really and those who specialise in residential development who are also professionally qualified belonging to some for of professional body setting minimum standards of services and skills with PI insurance as well are likely to be the best kitchen designers to approach for ‘value added’ and expert advise.

Simply going with a ‘plan drawer’ who will do exactly what the homeowner wants for a very cheap price may seem like an ideal situation but it usually ends in disappointment for reasons already explained elsewhere. Remember, that with a simple basic bare bones ‘plan drawer‘ you will probably be getting a service with no or very little pro-active design input or advise, unclear drawings and very short on any specification and construction detailing which will lead to all sorts of problems from your builder and a complete mis-match of expectations usually leading to a complete fall out or county court actions.






























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