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Kitchen Extension Architect Plans and Drawings - are they needed?

Plans are usually required for most forms of new building works. Kitchen extensions are no exception. Anyone that completes a kitchen extension without any form of preparation, initial design or planning using scaled plans is cutting corners that will lead to disappointment.

Most people refer to architect plans for most forms of kitchen extensions. This is probably incorrect as most house extension plans are completed by other non-architect designers such as surveyors or architectural technologists.

Most homeowners contemplating a kitchen extension will usually require a set of scaled plans or drawings for the planning application or for a certificate of lawful development if the scheme is to be built under the sites permitted (PD) allowances.

Building plans and specifications will definitely be required for the Building regulations Consents and to obtain tender prices from selected builders. These kitchen extension plans or drawings are usually prepared by an experienced house extension designer or architect engaged directly by the homeowner.

Sometimes homeowners see the engagement of such building professionals as an unnecessary evil they must endure simply to get the kitchen extension built. This is real shame as any experienced residential building designer is worth their weight in gold if only to explore the possibilities and options for your kitchen extension scheme. They prepare plans and specifications that will detail your works and give you control over your final builder.

Any homeowner allowing a builder to go straight to the build process on site without clarifying the planning or PD situations with the council first and only applying for a basic Building Notice through the Building Control Dept. is destined for misery and a complete let down of what the works will achieve.

Without exploring a kitchen extensions possibilities by completing drawing plans through an architect or house extension designer first and obtaining all the require consents first using those plans or drawings, a home owner will never know if they have obtained the best finished design for the budget available.

Having plans and drawings completed by a house extension designer is a vital part of getting the kitchen extension right and everyone understanding what they are obtaining or supplying for their money.






























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