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Kitchen Extension Open Plan - is this a good concept?

Open plan kitchens usually do not just define the kitchen area. The open plan aspect for a kitchen extension usually relates to a multi-function use of space where the kitchen would also include for a dining and breakfast area - perhaps even a snug or relaxation area that may also be open or interlinked with the main living room. But how far do you extend and remodel a home with the open plan aspect for its main living spaces?

I personally would avoid full open plan ground floor living space as it is not everyone’s cup of tea especially for growing families. I would try and go for a semi-open plan ground floor living space for your kitchen extension. I would avoid having a dedicated room for dining and bring it in with the kitchen area. Interlinking these areas with the main living room is also a good idea but I would still like to use some form of physical division such as internal glazed door sets simply for flexibility of use.

Clever use and siting of partitions and other barriers such as the kitchen furniture itself can clearly define spaces but still retain a semi-open plan environment and sense of space. Contrasting floor coverings can provide the same objectives of defining spaces rather than having walls or doors.

Even a very modest kitchen extension can crate a semi-open plan aspect to the final ground floor layout if clever internal alterations are also proposed such as removing an existing partition between the kitchen and dedicated dining room and bring both spaces together as one large open plan area.






























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