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Kitchen Extension Help and Advice - where and how to get it.

Any home improvement publication seems to have a high focus on how to extend a kitchen. it’s the one consistent are of residential development that never ceases to be exhausted. Therefore, this is one area where a home owner can seek and obtain help and advice on kitchen extensions.

Another source of help and advice for a kitchen extension is from a few local house extension designers or architects. Ask them round for a chat and se what their own ideas would be. Some will be more pro-active and helpful than others. Many will come and se you for free for the first meeting while others who are more in demand and confident will charge a small sit meeting fee simply to weed out the time wasters.

Search on line for images of kitchen extensions. Look at portfolios of past projects from other house extension designers or architects. Read articles on various web sites. This web site is a great source of house extension information but there are many others out there as well.

Look at a few local council planning web sites as part of their public access facilities and view previous planning applications for kitchen extensions. This will not provide you with any site specific help and advise but it is a good resource. For extra help and advise for a kitchen extension you may be able to approach your local Planning Officer or Building Control Officer but they are often not very pro-active on design elated matters.

Kitchen furniture suppliers and designers will have some great ideas relating to layouts and appliances that may decide how large or what the proportions need to be for your kitchen extension. They will have loads of current and previous brochures for you to look at but please remember most of these are not real live kitchens but simply staged sets so they always seem to have the exact size of wall and corners, window locates etc. for a great looking fit which usually does not correlate to real world situations.






























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