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Kitchen Extension Garden Room - is there such a thing?

Some existing properties already have a good sized kitchen but do not have a dedicated space for accessing the garden that could be used from within the kitchen environment. Some homeowners refer to this type of kitchen extension as forming a garden room. These extensions are also usually highly glazed but within standard construction elements for that all important insulation values.

Very few people would consider erecting a detached kitchen extension garden room separate from the main house simply for practical reasons of non-integration. However, this tactic can be used for when a house within the green belt and cannot be extended any further through formal planning permission simply on floor area limits. Erecting a detached kitchen extension garden room built extremely close to the existing dwelling can be a technical way of exploiting the sites permitted development rights and adding further floor space.

The secret with any kitchen extension to be used as a garden room is to have it as a good size that can be used for adding furniture such as a dining table or sofas etc. Many of these kitchen extension garden rooms are simply token gesture spaces that become difficult to use when filled with furniture.

Homeowners also have a choice as to how the kitchen extension garden room is integrated into the existing kitchen. Most people select to have the space fully opened up. Others prefer utilising glazed doors to form a separate room. The choice is often very personal for the extending homeowner.






























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