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Kitchen Extension Estimates - a simple guide.

Most house extension builders are able to provide basic estimates for most kitchen extensions based upon schematic plans but please do treat them as a very rough ball park figure. Your experienced house extension designer or architect will also be able to provide the homeowner with price estimates for a kitchen extension at the initial meting to discuss the clients proposal.

Obtain a few kitchen extension estimates from a variety of sources before you start simply to ensure that the scheme is viable for your given budget. We would also advise adding in your own contingency of say 20% on top of any kitchen extension estimates offered simply to cover the extras along the way.

You should also be clear on the sub-division or split costs between the main build elements of the kitchen extension and what you intend to spend on the kitchen furniture and appliances. Bearing in mind that many homeowners spend between £20k and £30k for even a modest range of kitchen you can be into big money figures for the kitchen extension estimates even before you start.

Take care to be realistic and try to identify the areas of saving money or at least reducing costs of the kitchen extension during the various design stages with your house extension designer or architect. To keep down the kitchen estimates do try to keep it simple (as the best things usually are) and do not be tempted to over-guild the lily. Ask yourself, do you really need those £5k of granite shiny work tops when a good quality laminated work top would suffice in style and quality.






























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