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Kitchen Extension Designs and Ideas - who do you use?

To get the best use of the available space for a kitchen extension design the homeowner should be employing an experienced house extension designer or architect. These are professionals experienced in residential development who can listen to your ideas and requirements against that of he merits and constraints of the site. They will then prepare plans and specifications for design solution or even offer alternative ideas and options.

The general public often refer to anyone who prepares plans and designs for building work as an ‘architect’ which in most cases is factually incorrect as the term ‘architect’ is protected by royal charter so not everyone can use this term as their professional title.

Other house extension designers that are equally qualified to prepare kitchen extension designs would these be architectural technicians or technologists, Chartered building Surveyors together with a few more lesser known institutions. Some house extension designers are not professionally qualified at all but do seem to have the experience, ideas, flair proven track record and necessary focus for residential development and kitchen extension design is no exception.

So, from this minefield of ‘kitchen extension designers’ how does the homeowner select the right kitchen extension designer for them and their own project? The answer is to interview as many as you are able and from all ranges of professional fields provided it is relevant for residential house extensions.

Get them round, see what suggestions and ideas they are able to offer. Do their initial thoughts and suggestions light your fire? Do they appear proactive, can they demonstrate a good track record, are they experienced in this field (many are not). Simply do you own due diligence tests and you will find the right one.

Fees will be the next issue - many homeowners simply go on price which is so wrong. Employing an inexperienced CAD operator or draftsman with little design ideas simply for cheapness as a ‘means to an end’ will produce a poor quality design of kitchen extension and could lead to excessive claims of increased costs during the build from your builder.

Most house extension designers or architects will be happy to work to a pre-agreed fixed fee even if they are charging on an hourly basis - they will simply take a view on the estimated hours.

The next issue to consider is resources and back up services. Can they offer you the full range of services as many do not and will avoid telling you this. Many ‘so called architects’ love doing the pretty planning design work but suddenly become very busy or sick to take you scheme forward to the most important construction design phase so be warned - ask the question.

Also check that the kitchen extension designer carries and maintains adequate PI insurance for errors and omissions. Simply ask the question - it really does separate the ‘experienced full timers’ from the ‘cowboy chaff’ out there.






























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