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Kitchen Extension Design Ideas - where and how to get them from.

Very few homeowners have a rigid prefixed idea or concepts for a kitchen extension that would not benefit from a few challenges or professional opinions from experienced kitchen extension designers. It has been my experience that most homeowners really do benefit from completing a few days research at looking at a few already completed kitchen extension schemes by other simply to get a few more ideas.

Finding these kitchen extension design ideas is not that difficult. Search for the correct terms on the internet is a great source of finding images or photographs of previous kitchen extensions. These are often from the gallery pages of house extension designers or architects showing off their previous kitchen extension schemes.

Another location for finding great kitchen extension design ideas is from the vast array of home improvement publications out there. Much of this ‘property porn’ has now been diminished somewhat by the housing market downturn but it is still a great source for kitchen extension design ideas.

Be warned though, much of what they show is simply staged sets from the kitchen furniture suppliers rather than from real homes.

Trawling through your local councils Planning Departments public access web sites for previous kitchen extensions is another great resource to see what other homeowners and kitchen extension designers have completed in the past. It can take a while clicking through the various descriptions but you will hit a few gems every so often.

If you live on an estate with similar house types, why not research a known extension on your housing estate and go take a look either physically by knocking on their door or looking it up on the Planning register.






























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