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Kitchen Extension Builders - how to locate the best ones

Most house extension builders in residential development will not just focus on kitchen extensions as the market would be far too narrow and in many cases, a kitchen extension forms part of a much larger home extension scheme.

However, many house extension builders do seem very adapt at installing kitchen extensions. Like all things to do with residential development it always starts with a good design. Many unqualified ‘plan drawers’ will simply do exactly what the homeowner thinks they want without any pro-active advice or exploring all the possibilities.

Most experienced builders that have a house extension scheme offered to them that includes for a kitchen extension, will be very skilful at erecting the house extension structure and fitting it out for all the new units and fittings required.

Sometimes the homeowners requires the actual kitchen supplier and fit out to be completed by a nominated sub-contractor or a specialist that is outside of the main kitchen builders control. This is usually fine and very acceptable provided the kitchen extension builder knows this right from the start. That way he simply prices in for providing attendance on the homeowners selected choice of kitchen supplier / installer.

Another way to ensure that the homeowner has a high level of control over the kitchen extension builder during the works but would like to benefit from the kitchen extension builders contract contracts for a less expensive job is for the house extension designer to allow a prime cost (or PC sum) of a certain amount for the supply and installation of the kitchen by the builder to a design chosen by the client or homeowner.

What you don’t want is for there to be a mis-match of expectations between the homeowner and the installing kitchen builder and it is therefore important to clarify this aspect of who is supplying what or what provision is made for the final kitchen items before the tender documents are issued for builder pricing.






























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