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Kitchen Extensions - are they a good investment?

You bet. A large family kitchen with a semi-open plan feel with an eating area with great glazing and access to the rear garden is perhaps the number one priority for homeowners and meets the needs of most modern family lifestyles. Apart from the number of bedrooms that a property may a large family kitchen and eating area is probably the first tick item on any house purchaser list.

Large family kitchens with eating areas were not normally included within new homes until around the mid 1990’s. Therefore the demand for kitchen extensions is perhaps the number one build item for most homeowner wishing to extend and not already having this type of amenity.

Therefore, a kitchen extension really is a good investment in the terms of money well spent for added value. However, bearing in mind that house extensions in general are very expensive per square meter, the final cost of your completed kitchen extension may not be the equivalent in added value to its resale price. Very rarely does the increase in a properties value exceed the cost of construction but it does make your property far more desirable to a wider market.

Another way of ensuring that your kitchen extension is a good investment is to also complete any associated internal alterations that would form a semi-open plan ground floor living area. Some people just want to have a larger kitchen and retain a separate dedicated dining room rather than having an semi-open plan. This is acceptable provided the homeowner is advised of the options and understands that this may affect the resale price of the property later on.






























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