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Kitchen Extension Architect - are there specialist designers just for kitchen extensions?

I do not think so. It would be too much of a niche narrow market for any house extension designer or architect to make a full time living simply only completing house extensions just focussed on kitchens in my opinion. Most house extension designers and architects offer a wide range of design abilities and the kitchen is just one aspect of a good home design.

One of the major key influences for most modern kitchen extensions that the house extension designer or architect has to accommodate is the homeowners desire for space that is also shared with a defined eating are - perhaps even a relaxation area as well with sofas and a large flat screen TV on the wall.

The semi-open plan feel for this very important part of the home is a real winner for adding desirability to your home.

Another added ingredient for the kitchen extension that the house extension designer or architect has to take on board is to fill the space with light. This is usually achieved with high levels of wall glazing and the use of bi-fold door sets are a particular design favourite.

Roof glazing is another opportunity for adding light into a kitchen extension. Many kitchen extensions are single storey and will incorporate a flat or pitched roof so why not ask your house extension designer or architect for a glazed lantern roof light or to install velux type roof lights for a pitched roof of the kitchen extension.

High ceilings or open vaulted pitched roofs is another trick the house extension designer or architect can use for your kitchen extension which will increase the sense of space of the ceilings are at a higher level even for a small floor area of kitchen extension.































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