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Kitchen Extension Addition - are they easy to design and build?

The addition of a kitchen extension is still the number one priority of most house extensions and homeowners in the UK. Forming that large family kitchen with a combined eating area with lots of glazing for the walls and roof elements of the kitchen extension is still a big design factor for most homeowners.

Most kitchen extensions are at the single storey or ground floor level although they may be part of a larger addition for a two storey extension. They will involve alterations to the waste and drainage installations of the existing property and this is not unusual.

The kitchen extension addition will need to be carefully considered regarding its siting and layout to ensure that it is well integrated into the main layout of the ground floor living space. As a guide, the more uniform and regular in shape the external envelope is for the kitchen extension, the more choice and options there will be for the positioning and design of the kitchen furniture and appliances.

Employing an experienced house extension designer or architect will assist the homeowner in getting the best design and layout of their proposed kitchen extension right from the start. They will be able to advise on matters of planning, permitted development, building control compliance, budget costs and builder selection.

If you are considering an extension to your home for some other use and a kitchen extension addition does not form part of the works, you need to ask your self why not? Does your home already have a large open plan kitchen and dining area that is desirable to a wide number of future owners of the property? If not, why are you spending money elsewhere on the property when it already lacks this number one priority for the majority of homeowners.






























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