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Unique wireless interconnect smoke and heat alarm system from Aico

10 November 2011

The Ei168RC from Aico Ltd. is a base unit for the company’s unique RadioLINK wireless interconnect mains powered smoke alarm system.
RadioLINK allows Aico mains powered smoke, heat, multi sensor and Carbon Monoxide alarms to be wirelessly interconnected. If one alarm on the system is triggered, radio waves are used to cause every other alarm in the property to sound. Such a system allows for increased alarm coverage in properties with a larger floor area. 

The RC function enables the base unit to communicate with the RadioLINK Remote Control switch, which offers the resident the facility to test the system and silence nuisance alarms.  This feature is not only extremely valuable – as it offers a good degree of control over more comprehensive systems – but, as the switch can be located at a convenient height, it provides an extra measure of safety for residents.  Units can be tested and any false alarms silenced with no need to reach up to a ceiling mounted alarm.
A wholly owned subsidiary of Ei Electronics, Aico is the first name in residential fire protection in the UK.






































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