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House extension - elements of construction - Flat roofs.

Flat roof house extensions are making a bit of a comeback recently. This is due to their contemporary styling especially if mixed with the use of glazed too lights and good detailing.

Most single storey extensions incorporate flat roofs especially of a tight budget dictates an economical design solution.

Modern day high performance flat roofing systems have also transformed how many flat roofs operate in the long term.  No longer does a roofer have to get out the hot tar brush and if they do get them off your site immediately.

New polyester modified torch of roofing felts offer a great and durable solution while EDPM single ply with glued or heat welded joints offer less risky solution exported from Europe. 

GRP resins has also found a new lease of life now that the old reverse osmosis problem has now been cracked. Good old rolled lead milled sheet is also a brilliant traditional solution for a house extension flat roof but certain EU immigrants have destroyed its longer term sustainable use in the UK by thieving it along with cast iron man hole covers and gates.

  • flat roof association
    Flat Roofing Alliance is a non-profit Trade Association made up of UK manufacturers, specialist contractors and suppliers of reinforced bitumen membranes, systems and allied products.
  • flat roof atrium
    The term atrium merely relates to a glazed section incorporated within the flat roof for added light and to act as a major focal point of the room. Within commercial offices or shopping centres they are often the main central core of the building being full height slicing through all of the floors.






































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