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Flat Roof Atrium as Part of a House Extension.

The term atrium merely relates to a glazed section incorporated within the flat roof  for added light and to act as a major focal point of the room.  Within commercial offices or shopping centres they are often the main central core of the building being full height slicing through all of the floors.

Within a single storey flat roof extension the flat roof atrium will be by definitions far less dramatic but still a great feature.  In essence the flat roof atrium is no different to that of a cupola glazed roof light - its just another name for the same thing being a glazed area within the flat roof.

What is exciting and interesting though is the fact that you can choose from a huge range of styles and designs not to mention size.  They can be contemporary flush glazed (flat glazed panel with little or no glazing bars.  They can pit fully pitched with lots of detail within the glazing bars.  They can be rectangular, square or any sided shape you can imagine.

Another name often given to the flat roof atrium in a lantern roof or orangey roof. A roof lantern is generally a glass structure installed within flat roof. Available in many sizes and styles and completely made to measure, they can be finished any RAL colour available in both Upvc or Aluminium. A comprehensive range of glazing is available including clear toughened, anti-sun, self-cleaning and solar control.

The fitting on a roof lantern is a relatively easy task providing the existing roof upstand has been prepared correctly and with care.

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