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Velux roof lights for house extensions - are they still the industry leader?

In my own opinion yes they are - no doubt about it. They do have competition biting at their heels but with regard to design an finishing standards they are superb and I always specify them. I try to utilise Velux roof lights in close groups of 3 for that really modern look. Adding a token gesture single Velux roof light rarely gives that ‘designer edge’ feel to a house extension.

Velux roof light windows can even be installed within flat roofs with their special support surround collar. This is a preformed raised up-stand insulated collar that installs the Velux roof light at the correct angle for weathering. They can look a bit odd externally but from within the room they simply look like a ‘shafted’ Velux roof light within a pitched roof extension.

Velux as a company brand also make the equivalent of a light tube or light pipe invented and patented by another company. These are excellent units that look like a small velux roof light within the roof slope rather than tacky looking plastic dome standing proud of the roof tiles and not very visually pleasing either.

There are also a whole range of accessories for Velux roof lights from white coatings of the frames to remote controlled opening and shutting devices. Velux roof window blinds are another popular choice of accessories that are usually a must have accessory if the Velux roof light is within a bedroom for example.

Velux roof lights, in my opinion, are best applied for open vaulted roof slopes where there is no horizontal flat ceiling line. Single storey mono-pitched roofs for open vaulted ground floor house extensions are the best example of when Velux roof light window comes into their own.

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