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Tiled floors or carpets for a house extension - the ups and downs of trends

Fifteen years ago laminate flooring was all the rage - even DIY outlets got into the act. However, its practical functional use within the home were not fully appreciated for those homeowners that seem to implement the latest home improvement ideas or fads at a drop of a hat.

Families with cats and dogs for example were experiencing their loved pets crashing into walls as the animal came running into the home and failing to get a grip at the next corner - all very funny until the first vets bill or continual repair jobs to the internal walls and floors were required.

What about granny tripping up on the lounge rug or the guest using the hall rug as a surf board when they first entered the house. What about all the continual dust and hairs that seem to be attracted to the edges of the room within 24 hours of the last hoovering.

Not to mention the creaking and poor edge detailing that resulted. Even so, those people still with carpets were so last year weren’t they? Most homeowners now have a better understanding of floor coverings and laminates or even real wood may not be first choice anymore.

Floor coverings really are very personal and every home owner will have their own ideas about the subject. Many people love the perceived practicality of a hard floor surface rather than carpets that potentially could be hiding fleas the size of rats.

Others love the warmth and luxury feel underfoot that only a good quality carpet and underlay can achieve. Many homeowners go for the hybrid floor coverings of laminate or real wood flooring within the main circulation areas of the hall and landing for example, carpets within the main habitable rooms of the living rooms and ceramic tiling within the kitchen, utility and bathrooms - possibly the best of all worlds?































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