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Orangey glazed roofs for house extensions - What are they?

An orangey is a style of glazed conservatory often found in upmarket country homes. House extension designers and architects have taken design reference from the roof element of these glorious structure and installed these within house extension flat roofs for example. These make great design features for a house extension and can flood the extension and existing parts of the extended home with natural light.

The design of the orangey glazed roof lights can range from traditional Victorian styling to more modern flat or flushed glazed section of the flat roof. They are often factory made units made to fit a pre-prepared opening within the roof onto a ready made upstand for weathering. Most secondary double glazing manufacturers can make these items and deliver to site ready for installing.

The materials of orangey glazed roof lights can be upvc, thermal break aluminium and timber framing. All glazed roof lights require sealed unit double glazing and safety glazed to meet current Building Regulation requirements for thermal performance and safety.

Other design features for orangey glazed roofs can be automatic ventilators to prevent overheating and rain sensors for install closing in the event of a shower. However, all these extras cost money and can double the cost of a basic glazed orangey glazed roof.

Orangey glazed roofs can also from part of a pitched roof house extension where the top third section of a traditionally tiled or slated roof cold be the glazed orangey section. These roof designs are intrinsically more complicated to design and build on site as patent glazing systems are often required and this causes design detail and weathering issues for the abutment locations and even integration with the standard joinery of the roof structure.






























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