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Open Plan layouts for a house extension - What are the issues.

Most house extensions will involve an element of internal remodelling of the existing house layout especially at the ground floor. Most homeowners desire a semi-open plan ground floor living where the kitchen and dining area are one space which is then connected to the main living room.

Separation of the spaces can still be marinated b the clever use of partitions, wall returns and even internal bifold glazed door sets if the added flexibility for living room compartmentation is still a desirable and functional feature for the home owner.

Open plan and interconnected spaces for the ground floor seems to be a very desirable life style element spicily for modern young families.

So are there any downsides to this type of open plan living space? Yes, there are a few and need to be considered being:-

1 - Lack of room privacy and defined separation for completing different activities within the home. One may interfere with the other.

2 - Kitchen smells travelling throughout the house. I think this happens even for homes having lots of dedicated and separate reception rooms but is slightly made worse for semi-open plan living.

3 - Light pollution from one area into another. A bright working kitchen may destroy the ambience for the adjoining dining area. The bright dining area for the children doing their homework may bleed into the living room and destroy the low levelling light for watch is film.

4 - The large bi-fold door sets of the eating or dining area are overheating the kitchen space for a comfortable working environment during cooking.

These are just a few practical examples of how open plan living space can compromise on separate and individual peoples uses for the interconnected spaces.






























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