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Glazed gable ends within house extensions - A great design feature for a house extension.

Many house extensions will have a gable end type of roof design rather than a fully hipped roof design. This is where there is a vertical section of walling from the room up to the roof apex. With a little bit of design detailing and forethought the room could be made open vaulted and rather than having a brick or tile hung gable end it could become a fully glazed unit offering added light and sense of height and space for the room benefiting from this design feature.

Forming a glazed gable end to a house extension whether at the ground or first floor level will probably ad to the final construction cost simply for the added costs of the glazing and the extra structural support to prevent roof spread from lateral movement of the roof without the usual ceiling joists.

However, the effect is simply stunning in most cases. It really is a ‘wow factor’ element to any house extension that will give your extended property a real individual look and modern contemporary feel.

You may want to consider the glazed gable ends orientation within the house extension as well as a south facing glazed gable end could overheat the internal space in the summer. You can get around this with installing special glass that is designed to reflect a lot of the infra red light form the sum. External blinds are or other shading techniques are possible but these can look a bit too radical for a traditional home setting.

Installing a glazed gable end above a ground floor bifold door set and following up with the framework pattern layout is another great use of a glazed gable end. This gives a great ‘cathedral’ feel to the room but consideration dose need to be given for privacy during the day or night. Many homeowners embarking on a contemporary design of house extension often forget this practical element of how the space will finally be used and the provision for external privacy.































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