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Conservatories as part of a house extension design - should they be included?

Most conservatories built within the UK seem to be ‘stand alone’ house extensions rather than an integral part of a bigger house extension scheme. I think peoples perceptions and requirements for conservatories as house extensions are quite like this as an either or situation.

However, some house extension schemes do incorporate a conservatory element as well so is this something all homeowners should be considering when designing their traditionally built house extension? My personal view is ‘maybe’ based upon the home owners wish list really and what they are seeking from their extend home.

Many homeowners love a fully glazed structure housing conservatory type garden furniture and this is fine but it may not be so practical if the intended use of the conservatory is for the dining room or kids play area for example.

The conservatory is for enjoying the outdoor life within a sheltered structure. Any other habitable room type demands may prove disappointing unless great care is taken on the orientation and placement of the conservatory to minimise direct sunlight and overheating.

Glass technology has also come a long way now for conservatory glass where it can be designed to reflect heat or retain it - even both at once. Therefore, if you do not want to install huge areas of blinds to prevent overheating or install huge energy guzzelling and illegal radiators within the conservatory for winter heating, then consider the different types of glass and glazing available. Money spent on the correct glass will mean better and extended use of the conservatory by the house owner during its lifespan.































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