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Bifold glazed door sets within a house extension - are they worth the money?

The cost per metre run of bi-fold door sets is around £1,000.00. So a 6M wide bifolding patio door set will be around £6,000.00 plus fitting costs. (prices will vary due to location and manufacturer). A standard sliding patio door set would be around half this cost. So is the added functionality and latest design icon trend worth the extra expense?

I would say yes as a general rule provided the added costs does not break the budget for the whole extension scheme. There may be only a few days per year in the UK when the bi-fold glazed door sets can be fully opened for maximum benefit and amenity value but those days are often very well remembered within the family - sheer luxury.

Other functional benefits of the bifold door sets exist that may not be that apparent at first. They are usually design to open in odd numbers and this is for a purpose. As they open outwards, one door set will be a dedicated fully functional pedestrian door for normal access to the garden. Using this one panel as a normal door is great and you would not notice any difference from using a normal door.

Sliding patio door sets on the other hand can be large heavy items requirement efforts to unlock and use so they become problematic for day to day use so end up not being used at all.

Bi-folding doors sets within any house extension can add that super touch of contemporary design styling that can transform even the most simplest or smallest of house extensions. Most bi-fold glazed door sets have simple glazing free from glazing bars or leaded lights but these options also exist for these client preferred design styles.

Most high performance bifold door sets have thermal break powder coated aluminium framing with neoprene seals. Homeowners also have a choice of framing colours rather than just the standard white. Even composite colours can be achieved for an extra price although white framing on the inside is still a very popular choice and great for added light.































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