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House Extension Windows - what are the options.

Most house extensions will have new windows most of which will be high performance upvc or thermal break aluminum frames.  Many will match the existing property.  So what does a home owner do if the original house has timber windows? Do you match the existing or do your change the material to plastics or aluminium?

Well it all depends upon the quality and style of the original dwelling and its windows.  If the existing property is a lovely rural property in a conservation area with traditional timber windows then it is probably important to match the new windows with the existing & use timer frames.

However, if the existing property is on a mass produced 1970's housing estate of no real character where a lot of the other properties have already had replacement glazing then it is not important for the house extension windows to match the existing poor quality timber frames.

It is all about common sense really trying to balance the need to respect & enhance the important character features of the property where relevant & important to do so with the need for improvement and upgrading of the existing fenestration elements to higher performance fittings to reduce heat loss and improve quality of the internal environment.

Many existing properties may have already had early replacement glazing that is now showing signs of aging and deterioration so it may not harm the building or local area to replace the entire windows and doors with new to match that selected for the extension works.

Perhaps more importantly, it is better to pay attention and give some design thought to how the window modules are broken up.  Look at the style and design of window that best suits the properties style and scale of openings rather than simply going for cheapness.

Likewise a diamond patterned leaded light window would probably look out of character on a pale buff sand faced brick 1970's estate type dwelling house.  Seek advice from your house extension designer or architect for a second opinion.






































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