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Use our professional services for your own home extension plans

Where to start with a House Extension

Employing the right professionals is probably as good start as any.  Why would any homeowner attempt a DIY extension through the Planning & design process? Often their motives are short sighted on trying save costs and many are 'alpha' types wishing to retain control at all costs.

To start with, a house extension is probably your next biggest spend to purchasing the property in the first place.  Why would you not want to seek professional advise on your intentions right from the start?

Most professional and experienced home extension designers or architects are more than willing to impart their knowledge & expertise to you right from the very first meeting.  Most professional home extension designers know that they are also tendering for your work so they are unlikely to be entirely passive and non-committal on what they think of your scheme.

They will be wanting to prove that they are pro-active and many will see your initial requirements as a 'basic framework' that they are determined to improve upon - its a sort of challenge to them.  Therefore use their skills and ideas right from the start.

You do not have to use any of them but they will make you think and force you to challenge your pre formed concepts for perhaps something better.  Use this initial site meeting experience not only to get good ideas but to also work out which home extension designer you would trust, be happy working with and will provide you with the level of service you are expecting - many will fall short as some try to avoid preparing the detailed house extension plans and specifications for the Building Regulations later on - they suddenly go down ill or become very busy or un-motivated to carry on with your scheme after planning - do watch out for this latest scam.






































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