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House extension veranda - do they have any planning issues?

If your house extension incorporates a veranda within the design then the planners will consider this aspect very carefully.  First floor verandas to house extensions are probably the most contentious with regard to planning issues. Planners seem to think you have nothing better to do all day than to sit outside with your table and chairs watching and reporting on all the neighbours activities within their private gardens.

Therefore, if your property or house extension scheme that includes the veranda has any overlooking aspect into private rear amenities of neighbouring properties then the planning usually ask you to remove that element of the house extension design.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the veranda (part of a loft conversion for example) the more overlooking opportunities there are for it to be considered contentious.

However, if you are fortunate enough to be within a rural environment enjoying open countryside view for example from the house extension veranda or your property is on a very spacious plot with good boundary screening avoiding any overlooking aspects from the veranda then you will probably be OK with incorporating a veranda into the house extension design.

Some verandas are formed at the ground floor level we tend to call them terracing in the UK.  A ground floor veranda is perhaps a design element that is covered by a roof structure.  Over-sailing the roof design onto posts and providing some raised decking underneath is a classic veranda design that is very rarely contentious with the planners in the UK.

Remember however, that any roof overhang adjacent a habitable room window will affect the light entering that room so the compromise of many veranda house extension designs is the potential loss if light.






































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