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House Extension Value - is it worth the cost?

Yes of course it is provided you have had the right works completed to begin with.  If the final extended home is too personalised, quirky or completely out of proportion, then the re-sale appeal later on to future purchasers will restrict its market value.

Most home owners extending their home do not do it simply to 'add value' as their primary motivation.  The value of a house extension to most clients is to enjoy the property and local area for a minimum length of time.  These are my 'nesters' and they are great to work for.

The 'least best' type of client are the newbie property developers inspired by a 10 year old property ladder home show on 'Dave' with 'ole Beeney' spouting her worldly words of wisdom to some useless IT person who still seems to make money on an over budget property development.  These people always want the house extension values to maximise the resale price.

These clients usually end up skimping on the job for a cheaply finished extended home that takes months to re-sell or they over personalise the scheme only to blow the profit away on expensive 'over specked' fixtures and fittings.  Disappointment all round is usually the result so it is never pleasurable experience for me.  I try to avoid these clients.

A house extensions value need not only be valued in currency.  A well planned and thought out house extension allows the family to grow and stay put in a much loved location that may have access to great schools.  Consistency and stability of a home and family life in general is a great asset for bringing up all children in my opinion. This value is immeasurable and avoids the stresses of moving to an unknown location.








































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